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Life will be blessed by the vision of Adasa Ganapati Adasa village is approx. 50 km from Nagpur and Bappa solves the biggest problem of devotees and liberates them from all worries. This statue of Adasa Ganapati is about 11 feet high and 7 feet wide and is self-made, which is made of the stone. Bappa fills with the blessings of his devotees only by offering a Durva. Through seeing this idol of Bappa, the devotee forgets his misery and demands a boon for his wish. It is believed that whatever the crisis, the mountains of difficulties are cut off from the sight of Siddhi Vinayak and the clouds of misery are cut off. Whether there is a job or pleasure, a child's wish or a hope of a good relationship, is fulfilled by Vinayak's Dharshan. It is said in Vaman Avatar that Lord Vishnu worshiped the Shami Ganesh form of Bappa. Ganapati, who becomes merciful, lends all grace on him. Whether it be a king or a rank, a saint or a fakir Be a devotee or God. This thing can be

Ramtek Ram Mandir

Ramtek Temple

Ramtek Temple

Ramtek Temple

Ramtek is a small city or village is around 60 km away from Nagpur by road. Ramtek holds a lot of mythological significance. Away from the city crowd, situated inside a fort on a hilltop. It is believed that Lord Rama took rest in this temple before leaving to conquer Lanka therefore making Lord Rama the main deity to be worshiped here.

It is popularly believed that if someone vows at the Ramtek Temple (also known as Ram Mandir and Ramtek Fort Temple), his/her life is blessed by the Lord. The temple has an elevation of 345 meters from land and is believed to be 600 years old. From the top of the temple, you can see the beautiful view of Ramtek city and nearby lakes.

The present temple is believed to have been built by the King of Nagpur, Raghuji Bhonsale, after his victory over fort of Deogarh in Chindwara.

This place is also related to the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa. It is believed that Kalidasa wrote Meghadūta in the hills of Ramtek.

Ramtek covered with the elegance of lush green hills, lakes, flora, fauna and tempting sights is reachable throughout the year.

Beware of monkeys
This place has lot of monkeys. So do not carry any food item or bottle of water with you. You can have cell phones and some money in your pockets. There are flowers and Prasad stalls in the temple but when you will carry a Puja Thali, Monkey’s can snatch it out. From the place of car parking itself, they follow you for food.

Best time to Visit:
  • Best time to Visit Ramtek is winter season.
  • Paid Parking is available at temple.
  • Do not forget to bring your camera with you.
  • Beware from Monkeys.
The summer season in Ramtek starts from the months of April and lasts till May. The temperature raises about 40-44 Co .

The monsoon season starts off in month of June and stays till September providing Ramtek with average rainfall of 14.48 cm- 12.02 cm. The tourist are suggested to avoid visiting Ramtek in Monsoon as the heavy rainfall can cause difficulties in travelling to the destination via road.

Winter dawns in Ramtek from mid-November and stays on till Februarys. The temperature at night fall downs to 16 Co with day temperature ranging from 28 to 30 Co . Thus, the mixture of perfect temperature in this season makes the sightseeing a memorable one and is highly recommended.


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